Thursday, January 27, 2011

You Fall, I Fall, We All Fall Down!

Years ago it was time for my son's training wheels to come off his bike. His Step-Dad said that we needed to find a soft place for him to "learn to fall off his bike". Until then I never really thought about it. His theory was that if you can get rid of the fear of falling...not only that, but really learned how to fall "well" then half the lesson was taught. 

This worked brilliantly. We took my son out to the baseball diamond where he played and off went the "trainers". It was explained in great detail the skill involved in falling off of a bike. My husband being such a dare devil as a kid must have given my son the confidence in his first hand knowledge of falling off a bike. My son had heard enough stories. 

There he was...falling and falling off his bike. He was laughing all the while too. I couldn't have been more proud of how well my kid could fall off his bike. That kid could fall. (Chip off the ol' block)

It wasn't long before he felt like he wanted to try and peddle on his own. With full command of his bike and his new found appreciation for "falling well" he got on that bike. He had such a different confidence about him when he climbed on his bike on his own. It's not easy for me as a Mom to watch those kind of moments. I tend to be a teeth nasher. I'll be darned if my son didn't take right off on that thing. Off he went...whizzing right by me. Such a joyful laughter came from him. 

What a simple concept this "learning to fall well" I thought to myself. Truth be told my husband has learned the hard way how "not to fall". His childhood friends' mothers no doubt still have night mirrors of his "learning to fall" concepts. 

It's child's play, this falling bit. It's just not funny when we're older and each time we "fall" it seems harder to get back up. I say, just lay there a while. Roll around even. Plan your next move before you even take to your feet. Take the fear out of your  next step before you even take it. I'm sure it helps if you have some super hero  music playing in the back of your mind like my husband had. 

Monday, January 24, 2011

Falling With Grace

There is one thing that I know for sure-we all will fall from time to time. Falling happens to us all in one way or another. Sometimes it's the classic physical fall, which I am prone to having due to the gracefulness of a sloth. 
Then there is the metaphoric fall. Yes, the "fall from grace" sort of fall. Whether you can say you saw life throwing you that curve ball or not- you're flat at the plate. 

We are in fact human. We all fall down. 

An idea came to me one day after yet another of life's lessons had me in a broken stupor. As I was laying there all sprawled out I had a thought. What if we all could just "fall" better. Is there a better way to fall? If I can just learn how to tuck and roll with the it possible to fall with grace?

Think about the last time you fell physically. Did you try to catch yourself? Did you take a couple people down with you? I bet you got back up...maybe brushed yourself off even. Did you see it coming? Do you remember it in slow motion? 

Now what about your last set back? Did you sense it coming? Did you have a chance to respond?  I bet you got yourself up though. Maybe you didn't have the battle bruises but it left a mark on your spirit. Sometimes those wounds take even longer to heal.  

My prayer with many of life's trials is that I can handle it with grace. I'm not sure why that's so important to me. I'm guessing that I'm not the only one. As I learn how to fall with grace I can share my stories. We all can learn to fall with grace.