Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Fashionable Fall

Fashion Bubble Safety Helmet

You know who you are. My peeps, buds and fellow falling friends. I mean this in all seriousness- you need one of these.

Days are pretty turbulent out there lately and I think until the world's equilibrium rights itself, we're all safest with our bubble helmets on.

If we're not physically falling and hurting ourselves we're dodging all of the negativity that seems to be lurking around every corner these days. I think it would be wise to wrap our whole selves up with bubble wrap until everything calms down.

With this blog I wanted to examine the notion that I could learn to fall better. Falling is a sort of necessary tutor of life I know. The physical falls and the life lessons seemed to take me by surprise and knock me on my keester. I never saw it coming a majority of the time.

That's where the fashion scarf that bursts open even before the body can react seems like a smart accessory for everyone's fall wardrobe. (Ah ha...fall wardrobe!)

The Hovding, pictured above is an actual self inflating bicycle helmet. It's branded as being fashionable and safe. It's important to look really good when you're about to wipe out I suppose. The helmet deflated is worn around a neck like a scarf. It comes in many colors to blend in with any outfit you wear.

Well, on:

This thing is so cool! I know that the 2 Swedish women Anna Haupt and Teresa Alstin invented the helmet to be used as a safety device. I believe once the world learns more about the fashion bubble helmet we'll all be donning them. We need these things!

"What the...PfffPoof! 

Now, not only can you fall with grace you can fall fashionably as well.