Friday, December 23, 2011

Dear Sun

Dear Sun,

Come back. Please come back. I know, I know...I was just saying a couple of days ago that you were obnoxious. It was only because your awesome brightness was hurting my eyes and unSPF'd skin. Really...sunscreen on Dec. 21?

Yesterday was Winter Solstice Day you know. The shortest day of the year. All of God's majestic planetary glory aside, I miss you. Without you I've become a slug. A slug with a Snuggie.

Today it's cold and because of Nina something you cannot break through the clouds. Since you only stick around for a short time I will find myself with another unproductive evening. Darkness falls and so do I.

Does this have something to do with me OOOing and AHHHing over that beautiful red moon the other night?
It was a phenomenon, Sun. Really. A once in a while kind of thing. It's my Mom's fault you know. She was the one that pointed the Moon out to me.

I do miss you. I miss how you'd peak through the kitchen window while I'd do dishes. You would cast a radiant glow over the dinner mess and cheer me on to finish my chore. Rah rah. Now there's only darkness and it's making that meatloaf dish seem like something recyclable. It's easier to toss. What are they, like 5 bucks with a rebate from Bed Bath and Beyond? See? See what I've become without you? I'm a mess.

I can only wish that you read this and understand how important you are. Until your return I will try to go on with life. I'll go Christmas Light viewing and try to get something out of the darkness the Moon is so proud of this time of year. I will be waiting for you. Waiting with my 75 SPF, grandma hat and pool floatie.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

From Grace to Grinch?

It started with a few stray hairs which, let's face it are happening thanks to that gene handed down from Grannie, God bless her. What was one hair has turned into green fur, long pointy furry fingers, long pointy furry toes. My Mom Mumble has morphed into a sort of guttural snarl.

It's happened ladies and gentlemen. Amy Junod, writer of Falling With Grace has indeed fallen victim to the ailment better known as Grinchism. She's a Grinch. Falling victim to the onslaught of Christmas Commercialism has done her in this year folks.

How did this happen I wonder? Aside from being Kelly Green from now until December 26th (which is NOT trendy this year) I am concerned about this Grinchy attitude. How did it come to this and more importantly how do I rid myself of it?

So...I'll ponder...

I love autumn and Thanksgiving especially. I want to relish it as long as I can. I resented the fact that Christmas was shoving aside a period of gratefulness, tradition and perhaps a bit of culinary deliciousness.

I was enjoying the autumn decor and looking forward to the holiday of Thanksgiving that we celebrate here in the states. One of my friends was posting on Facebook daily through the month of November on what she was thankful for. It gave me a minute to pause and reflect on my own gratitude.

Our celebration this year was brought to a somber delay as we received word that Hubby's father was not doing well and in ICU. His body was just not strong enough to fight this battle. David was able to make it back home to say good-bye. He was truly one of the sweetest men that I've had the privilege to know.

I suppose the event of my father-in-law's passing made me hold on to Thanksgiving that much harder. This year more than others I resented the Black Friday ads on TV. So much talk about buying buying buying. Was I the only one that felt an unmeasurable amount of unease this year? I did venture out to buy goods for the traditional Thanksgiving Dinner. I was so grateful we were able to afford as many cannot. I do admit I was sort of pissed that each item I picked up was a great deal smaller plus I was paying much more for less. SNARL! snort snort

GOTTA find a cure for this thing. The fur is getting itchy and it's impossible to find a decent product to keep it soft and subtle. This snarling is going to win me a trip to a mental ward if I can't find an elixir of some sort.

I've decided that the ads, commercials and news reports of crazy shopping madness are a trigger for me.
What crazy pressure. The TV and radio are making Grinch symptoms worse. Instead I'm going to listen to the cd mix that my sister's dog burned for me. ( niecedog that has her own Facebook page. Slight insanity on another level you can read about here in my post Falling Into A Trap)

I'm falling back. I'm making the choice to fall back into what the spirit of the holidays are supposed to invoke in us. I thoroughly enjoyed Thanksgiving this year. I was more grateful this year than ever. While missing loved ones that aren't with me anymore I found a sense of peace. The absence for me was filled with thankfulness that I was lucky enough to  have those people in my life as a blessing. Many don't.

Bah Bump...Bah Bump 

Hmm. Was that the beating of a peaceful heart? Could the cure have been as simple as merely being able to take pause and have my moment of gratefulness? 

I'm ready Christmas. I'm ready for you now. Autumn decor has been tucked away in storage and replaced by the Christmas decor. HOORAY to my merry team of elves that can be motivated by a pan of orange colored Rice Krispie Treats. (Good use of monster pumpkin shaped marshmallows. Turns out monster shaped marshmellows are kind of yucky raw. Although the kitten loves to play with them they make better krispie treats!)

I hope that you're finding yourself in a peaceful place during these weeks. If not and you're looking for a remedy for that itchy green fur drop me a line and I'll email some tips.