Friday, March 21, 2014

While I Fall Behind

I've been a bad blogger. My little blog has sat here missing out on some awesome "falling with grace" material.

There were the 2014 Winter Olympics. My gosh- falling skaters, snow boarders, skiers and my niece who fell in slow motion in her living room "like the people on TV".

The Academy Awards provided more content as poor Jennifer Lawrence tumbled over a parking cone just walking to the red carpet. I'm glad she's not hurt and I just love a girl that can laugh at herself.

All eyes were watching the skies for Russia's satellite Kosmos-1220 which was predicted to plummet to Earth scattering debris across the Pacific Ocean. Kosmos-1220 fiery free fall still has not occurred but you can track it's location here.

I've dropped the blogging ball. My blogging ball is sitting all deflated like one of those cheap plastic bouncy balls you give a dog thinking it will provide a weekend's worth of playtime in the yard.

When I started this blog back in 2011 my intention was simply to write about falling. Not only falling but learning how to fall. Falling with grace, if at all possible. Physical falls, emotional pitfalls, falling this way and that. A day doesn't go by without this topic providing my spirit with lessons to live by.

It's been more of a challenge to write than I thought. I underestimated the insurgence of my Sjogren's Syndrome. Acceptance of my chronic illness has been a "falling with grace" lesson in itself. Writing is a creative process and sometimes it's hard to get everything written in between symptoms. It's not impossible, it's just a challenge.

Today I was thinking that I could pass the story telling hat on to others who might have their own "falling with grace" story. I would really love it if ya'll could share stories that come to mind. Have you experienced a setback that has taught you a great deal? Maybe you have a funny story about a fall you've taken.