Saturday, June 11, 2011

Shania Twain Gets Back Up

When I woke up yesterday I had every intention on finishing another piece for the blog. Then I saw Shania Twain's reaction to her fall at the CMA Awards the night before. I thought her comments after the fall were so honest and sweet. I loved the fact that she was thinking about donating the shoes to be auctioned off for charity. I hadn't seen the video of her falling yet but I instantly thought, "Sounds like a Falling With Grace theme to me."

Ouch. Then I saw the fall. Man, that had to hurt. Sometimes when you see video of people falling it makes you say, "Oh!" Then there are times where it's a funny fall and yes...I will fully admit that I come from a family that loves a good funny fall. This is only if the person isn't hurt though. Shania's fall made me say, "Ouch!" It wasn't the "what the heck" kind of expression she had on her face. It looked like it hurt.

None the was a fall. You know what? Her reaction to it made me like her even more. That's the grace part of the fall. She's gotten back up from tougher falls and seems to have taken to her feet brilliantly.

I have really enjoyed watching the series Why Not on the OWN network. The series chronicles Shania's journey to "find her voice" which somehow had been lost along the path. I think that we all can relate to some point in our lives where a piece of us has been lost. It's a powerful moment when a person can get back up and look forward. I admire her humility and honesty that she's projected in the series. Her willingness to share her journey shows that maybe she already had her footing after all.

Update 8/16/2011:
This is a link to eBay where Shania is auctioning off the shoes she wore. Proceeds benefit Shania Kids Can.

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