Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Dad Taught Me Heaven Is For Real

Yesterday my eyes were scratchy and dry from an oncoming Sjogren's flare so I gave in to it and curled up with an audio book. I was actually a little chilly having come in from the pool and it felt so lovely wrapped up in my Snuggie. 

I love retreating to my Audio Books when my eyes fail me. Who doesn't love to be read to anyway? Right now I'm listening to Heaven Is For Real by Todd Burpo. It is an account of his son Colton's experience with having visited Heaven. 

I'm halfway through the book now and I am enjoying it. While it's written through the perspective of a Christian I think anyone can appreciate the honesty of a child's interpretation of such a grand adventure. His accounts of the experience are so very sweet as only a child can describe something. I've enjoyed his father's explanation of what it's taught him as well. 

I do believe in a higher power. I was raised Catholic but my own spirituality has gone beyond what my faith has taught me. My own experiences have made my faith grow into belief. Perhaps an unshakable belief. I believe in the power of prayer however it may be. Hymns, reading Scripture, rosary, meditation or just plain speaking to God. One on one. I believe in God and he listens. I don't think he'll complain about the method in which we try to reach him. 

I believe in Heaven too. I was with my Father when he said goodbye. My Dad was not a man of flowery words but very matter of fact. He was a steadfast family man who shared everything. Having battled prostate cancer he was in his last hours when he opened his eyes. He looked around at us smiling and said that "They" were here for him. He hadn't been coherent for some time so to hear him speak so clearly was something in itself. He spoke of a light. There was some hesitation in his voice not of going but because he was leaving us behind. My Mom told him that it was ok to go. The peace that fell over my Father's face is something that I will never forget. All I can say is that it must be breathtakingly awesome. He said that he loved us all. He said he was sorry but that he was going to go with them. We all said that it was ok, he could go with them. He looked upward and smiled again. "Ok then...I think I'm going to go. I love you all." 
He never spoke another word.

What a priceless gift my Dad had given to us. I always believed in Heaven but from then on I knew there was an afterlife. Not only that but that in dying there is majestic process to passing.

Science has tried it's best to explain away and reason for these accounts. There seems to be a growing number of scientists willing to explore the boundaries of our current comprehension of life and death. That's why I love to find stories of children's accounts of experiences. From the mouth of babes, so simple and honest. Heaven is for real.

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