Monday, October 31, 2011


Autumn is my favorite season. While Spring has become a friend of mine I always look forward to the arrival of fall. The air is crisp, the nights are cooler and here in North Texas the days are just beautiful.

On cold sunny mornings like this I am so often swept back to my grade school days at St. James when we'd go on our annual field trip to Kelly's Farm. We'd get to wear weekend clothes instead of uniforms which really didn't matter because we were bundled in heavy coats by then. The bus ride was always a blast. Then at the farm we would tour where they made pressed apple cider and we'd each get a sample along with a fresh made donut. 

When the tour of the farm was done we all would be let free into a big pumpkin patch where we would get to pick out our own pumpkin to bring home. What a sight it must have been to watch kids scatter about.

The rules for picking out your pumpkin were simple. If you could carry it on to the bus it was yours. So of course it was always a sort of competition to find the biggest pumpkin in the field. Unless you were like me. 

One of my last trips out to the farm before moving down south I took off in to the pumpkin patch and found the most perfect pumpkin. The shape was perfect. The color was a beautiful orange. The stem was curved just enough. That pumpkin was precious. It was the cutest little pumpkin I'd ever seen.

While the other kids were grunting under the weight of their pumpkin picks I made my way to the bus. As I stood by the bus I glanced over the field of pumpkins watching my classmates laboring away. Some were using the drag and roll method to get their pumpkins back to the bus. I was pleased as peaches to have my cute and tiny pumpkin.

From my previous posts you can imagine what my brother had to say about my tiny pumpkin. I'm sure my Mom and Dad weren't surprised because back then everything was "so cute"!

I'm a grown woman now and I still can't resist the little baby pumpkins that they sell in pumpkin patches.

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