Sunday, November 13, 2011

It Takes A Sjoggie

It's been a couple of challenging days for me. Having a difficult time seeing myself through this flare I went to one of my favorite websites to find peace and clarity. never fails to guide me toward a place of graceful acceptance.

While looking for one of Brother David's videos I happened on an old quote that had been posted months ago. I found it to be quite profound and thought it was worth sharing with my Sjogren's sisters and brothers.

Dryness promotes the formation of flower buds...flowering is, after all, not an aesthetic contribution but a survival mechanism.    -Ann Haymond Zwinger from The Mysterious Lands

Ann's book looks very interesting. The book is written about four of the great deserts of the Southwest. Desert lands...dry. OK, I admit I won't be reading this while in a flare but I will be reading this soon. 

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