Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Little Things

Sometimes life sends you little prompts or nudges that are supposed to help you through your day. Sometimes the signs are so subtle that they are easy to overlook. Sometimes it takes many many times before I finally "get it". I must exhaust my guardian angels who are probably in charge of steering me into the direction of God's beautiful messages and signs.

Today I've noticed a theme of thoughts and intentions for the day. Notice the little things.

First this piece of art caught my eye:

Since my last post I've been in a sort of rehab while my body recovers from being pushed to it's limit. The little things in life seem to be more challenging every day and I feel a sense of triumph in the simplest of tasks. 

I like to take breaks from my day when I'm finding it hard to catch my breath and I wander around I clicked on the "Word For the Day" and look what I saw:

Sometimes it's the little things we miss the most. We look back at a moment in life that might have seemed so insignificant at the time but we would give anything to be in it again. Usually it's the little things we remember. One moment can be filled with so many tiny simple things. 

If the simple things in life can posses so much power to create a sense of loss, the same simple things in this present moment can be equally rewarding. Sometimes it's the little things that we come to rely on that give us the most peace. 

One of my secret pleasures is pulling a load of towels out of the dryer. That fluffy, warm, spring fresh scented load of laundry is heaven to me. Some days my muscles are too weak to hold the towels up to fold them. That warm, fluffy, spring fresh feeling is not to be wasted so I will toss myself upon the mound and roll in it's goodness. 

What are the little things you've come to rely on? What can you spot in this moment that you might have overlooked if not specifically seeking it? Perhaps you have a pet at your side or you're wearing your favorite pair of jeans. Maybe you have an exceptional cup of coffee.

Today I wish you plenty of simple blessings and signs to let you know that God is watching over you and providing strength in each moment. 

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