Friday, June 28, 2013

She's Baaaaaack.

If I'm not mistaken, I think I may have survived another Bug Camp. I'm just coming to...feeling a little groggy still as if I've been drugged.

A quick scan of my surroundings and I am quite certain that I have indeed persevered through a harrowing week of the daunting exploits of a 5 year old. Not just any 5 year old, I might add. My niece, aka "da Bug" God Daughter. God will gladly mention to you that I conjured up a few requests for miracles as I tackled the expectations of my happy camper. 

As I sip my coffee the whispers of "what was I thinking?" are being hushed away by the distinct knowledge that I HAVE SURVIVED. I am a breathing specimen of the capacity of the human spirit to NOT GIVE UP under any amount of pressure. Or whining. 

Grab your own cup of coffee my fellows and let me recount to you the triumphant ordeal as the memories come back to me. 

I seem to recall being poked awake. The air was cold and the wind was brisk. The 5 year old was ready for her first day of "Ohn Mamie Bug Camp". Something average for breakfast was unheard of and the point was clearly made. 

"I would like to have something that I have never ever had before", were the words uttered. 
Having made Mickey Mouse pancakes for dinner the previous night, it was obvious that I needed to consult my fellow camp counselors for ideas. 

The suggestion was made by "Unka Davin" that perhaps a trip to Rusty's Tacos would pass for "something never had before". 

Rusty's Tacos...cheesy breakfast tacos. Cheesy Eggy Tacos for da Bug. 
As the sun broke through the morning clouds it led to the supreme opportunity for the 5 year old to witness a sunroof open, letting in Texas fresh air. Also a rare chance to stick her head out of the window like her dog Zoe Belle.

Our first Bug Camp field trip was to visit the esteemed Perot Museum of Nature and Science. While at first the idea of going to a museum was poo-pooed, the chance to race a dinosaur was intriguing to our guest. 

There was talk of a camping trip which would eventually be ruled out due to weather. Perot Museum to the rescue. Wah lah...a camping trip. 

Look what stumbled into our camp site- a Bug Turtle!

The next days were filled with the usual camp activities.


Wearing down the camp counselors: 

Dress Up Day with one of Ohn Mamie's old gowns:


Thrill rides:

Stuffed Animal Dentistry
Cookie Baking

By the end of the week of swimming, coloring, singing, guitar strumming, baking and cat pampering the 5 year old began to get homesick. That's when she could be heard singing in the 3 way mirror a tragic song about having a fish, a dog, something about the Holy Spirit, a Mom, a Dad...and how she should be with her family. She was ready to go home. 

Bayleigh (Bug) packed up after the 2nd Annual  Bug Camp
So, my dear I fall gracefully into Sjogren's Recovery Mode I leave you with this last thought. Enjoy life. Surviving IS living, so get out there and give it a go. It's worth it. It really is. 

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  1. That's like a year's worth of fun in one week. She's a real cutie.


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