Saturday, January 17, 2015

Don't Fall Into Those New Year's Traps!

Well, we're well into the month of January and I'm finally seeing less of those "new year, new you" messages that we seem to be bombarded with each December 29th.

I really resented the whole concept this year. I wrote an entire blog post about it that turned out to be less than uplifting or graceful for that matter.

After proof reading what I had written, hubby said, "I don't know. It's a little disjointed to me. And it's really angry sounding, not very gracefully falling kind of content."

I read what I almost posted and I am so glad that I didn't. I've had a week now to reflect on the subject and I still want you to relieve yourself of the "New Year's Resolution" burden.

Gosh guys, don't get me wrong, I love self evolution. You'll not find a more absorbent mind for self help material than this gal. I am just so hungry for something else besides losing weight tips, eating healthy recipes or the best cross fit programs.

There is certainly nothing wrong with any of those things, right? Each has it's merits toward a healthy life. They all are hugely popular. Topics not popular that someone like me is seeking:

  • How To Nap Without Wrinkling Your Clothes

  • How To Explain Brain Fog To Someone When Your Tongue Goes Rogue

  • Housecleaning, One Square Foot at a Time

  • Hot Flashes, Mother Nature's Remedy To Keep You Warm In Winter

  • Sick Chick Fashion, Thank God For Yoga Pants

Sjogren's Syndrome sure has changed the way I look at things and I bet that you have your own challenges as well. It's hard enough when you're down and then someone tells you that you need to ramp it up more to meet someone else's standard. Those standards are from a healthy, fit person's perspective. We all don't fit that mold. 

I came across an article today that finally gave me the peace I was looking for written by Toni Bernhard in Her piece, My New Years Wishes for the Chronically Ill really hit home. 

Love this-

"No matter how hard a day is for you, may you keep your heart open for life's beauty—the sight of a beautiful cloud in the sky, the sound of a favorite piece of music, the feel of warm water on your skin, something silly on TV."

The most profound, positive changes that transform your life are often the simplest. If you take time to quiet your mind, the tips that resonate with you will make perfect sense in your life. Those tips become solid building blocks in which you can create your own true life model. 

In this new year I wish you everything good. You deserve to be happy, healthy and prosperous. I wish you firm footing and graceful hearts. 

Some more great reads about tossing standard resolutions:

Absolution from New Year's Resolutions by Grace Quantock which was highlighted by Positively Positive this morning.

A New Resolution for the Chronically Ill by Sara Cowherd on her website was really spot on.

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