Friday, April 15, 2011

We Can Get Through This Together

It's been one of those crazy, hectic weeks. As I've mentioned before, I've made my peace with Spring so we're good, Spring and I. This time of year is just crazy though. Have you noticed how much gets crammed into 2 months?

Since making my peace with Spring I've really taken the time to stop and try to figure out what the heck is going on in the weeks of April and May. I used to just think it was my issues with the tail end of my friend's days. Now I'm really beginning to think it's not just me.

First, there is the "End of School Year" stress. If you're a teacher, you're trying to stuff as much knowledge into your students' craniums as the state regulations will allow.
If you're a parent, you're trying to keep up with the stacks of papers notifying you of reports due, special programs and your kids' next year's curriculum. Oh, and the Cranial Factual Data Compression Consent Form. Hey, where is that one? Darn it...they even printed that one on canary yellow.
Anyway, if you're the student, it's the "Holy Crap" moment of the academic year when you realize that the spring time slacking has savaged your grades.
Up goes the stress...Mom's screaming for some yellow form...teachers remind you of how they tried to warn you. AHHHHHHH!

My second thought was that it's just a hard time to balance work and play. With the warmer months there are always house chores that have been put off until Spring. Here in Texas we start warming up in March but it can wain back and forth until the end of April. There is about a week until it starts to really heat up. Throw in some stormy weather like we had last night and your clean up efforts are tripled.

Maybe the stress is due to allergies? After having another bad bout with allergies I was wondering how many people are doped up on Benadryl. It's hard to get anything done with a tissue clenched in each hand. It's just impossible to stay on track. (For some people, literally) When the "four hour relief" wears off and you sober up you realize you're four hours behind!

All that I know for sure is that we're all pinging off of each other on God's green Earth. The more agitated we get the harder it is to move around freely. I am deeply sorry to the Bubba that was riding my tail this morning. I cannot risk a speeding son's summer camp fee is due. Just because you're rushing back to school to drop off your yellow CFDCC form doesn't mean you get to drive the rest of us off the road. Besides, it's not that form that's due's your taxes.

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