Monday, August 15, 2011

What Was I Thinking Vol 26. Chapter 12

As if my life wasn't chaotic enough I had to throw in a demonic curse of a poor decision. Remember this little bundle of fur?

Bridget (Irish for stubborn, strong willed)

Looks harmless enough, doesn't she? Cute little thing. OK, so she really is but I've never known such a bratty animal. Seriously. I am convinced that her litter mates punted her down the tube where "the other one" didn't come back from. 

At first our 2 other cats thought that we'd brought Malcom back home. They were actually a little happy to see him. That was until our oldest cat took a sniff. They had been duped. We brought home a fake...a female no less. To say that there's been unrest in the home since is a total understatement. 

I woke up this morning and it looked like a mini twister had blown through the house. As I was straightening wall hangings and picking up shreds of paper I could only fear for what Christmas will be like. Her nickname this morning was Lucafina. Yes, spawn of Lucifer. 

Perhaps I'm being a little harsh. She is quite cuddly and if you pick her up she goes limp like a rag doll. She loves to be held on her back and rocked like a baby. She's ever so demure. 

After catching myself picking up all of her little toys so that Roomba won't suck them up I realized that the boys are right. She's spoiled. The other cats know it and resent it. 

Our older cat growls at Bridget and reminds me of Maude. How many times does she need to growl that she doesn't need a new friend? Just leave her alone. 

Our now middle cat is upset. She used to be the ninja kitty that we all laughed at. Poor middle kids. She used to be the one to torment. Now she's the one who can't sleep for looking over her shoulder constantly for an ambush. She's even put on .35 lbs. This upsets her. 

Now days it sounds like a jungle. Growling, hissing, snorting...and all the while Bridget keeps up. It's worse around my writing desk where I now know better than to leave bare, exposed toes. "Why can't you just let Mommy finish these two last lines?!" 


Perhaps I didn't really think this thing through. What I was thinking doesn't really matter. The truth is that when Mommy needs to close her dry eyes everyone cuddles civilly. When I grab my Snuggie the girls know that Mom needs some quite time and they all comply. 


  1. As the mommy of two cats, there are days when I want to be alone, but then I would miss the cuddling and petting. Animals are great companions, regardless.Enjoy the little one, soon she will be sleeping all day long!


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