Thursday, January 5, 2012

Laughing Until I Cry

Some might call it an experiment of sorts. A dream perhaps? Call it a desire, a notion or even a hope steered by my own design. I intend to laugh until I cry.

This endeavor might seem problematic being that Sjogren's Syndrome has all but shriveled up my tear producing glands. I am determined though. I have a plan. 

I'm now on my 3rd month of Restasis and call it a pipe dream- I think I'm gonna cry. It's going to be magnificent and with a little help from other's mishaps, it's gonna happen.

Keeping in line with the whole Falling With Grace theme I just can't contain a snort or two when I see someone trip. It's not funny when people hurt themselves but when they have that "what the?!" expression as it's happening...oh, priceless. 

I'm lucky that I have lots and lots of memories of laughing so hard my sides hurt. My jaws would ache and I'd actually cry tears from so much laughing. Sometimes those hysterical moments are found in the oddest of moments so I have my radar turned on to spot the funny. Please accept my apologies in advance. I am not laughing at you but merely laughing with you. Did I mention that it's for a good cause?  

There are movies that have brought me to tears in the past so I think I'm going to be Netflixing myself into teardom soon. The scene in Little Miss Sunshine when the family is pulled over by a cop and the horn is stuck  gets me every time. 

Dinner For Schmucks, Due Date, both Hang Over movies and recently Bridesmaids all have had me gasping for air I was laughing so hard. Raunchy, perhaps but I'm on a mission for tears here gang. While on my quest for laughter tears I might have to sacrifice my sense of decorum.

I will be on the look out for every pratfall, bobbled step, sliding glass door face slam and baby fart video out there. I will be YouTubing myself to watery eyes. Double Rainbow Guy- you'll be getting hundreds of hits very soon. 

Laughter is awesome medicine so at the very least I will pop out some peppy endorphines while conducting my tear duct droplet experiment. 

I am open to suggestions so if you all have some please comment below. 

For starters...

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