Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Start Living Now

Stop! Are you aware of what's happening this very moment...what's happening now?

An important tool that I've picked up along my path to staying upright and steady has been the practice of awareness. It's being aware of NOW. The strength of living in the moment is so essential to achieving inner peace and helps in finding balance in a topsy-turvy world.

Years ago I checked out a book from the library by Eckhart Tolle titled The Power of Now. Back then I was desperately trying to see myself through a degrading job market and trying to stay afloat when all around me seemed so very turbulent.

My mind at the time was cluttered with my own negative thoughts. Rejections forcing me to consider "dumbing up" my resume and the fear of the future had me stagnant. I spent countless numbers of hours stewing over the past. Worries about the future seemed to debilitate me even further.

Although I found Tolle's written work hard to grasp at first I was able to get past the intellectualism of the words to grasp the concept he was conveying. It is so very simple.

So much of our energy is wasted on worrying about the future or by reliving moments from the past that we're totally missing out on the present moment. Life slips by...moment by moment as our attention is focused on anything but the present moment.

I was suddenly very aware of how often my mind would wander to worries of days far off in the distance. I also became attuned to how drained I felt after having spent time replaying a bad moment in the past. My mind had been so accustomed to this pattern of flipping back and forth that I was hardly in my right mind. My present, centered mind that is.

It is amazing how much peace you can find when you just stop and take in each moment. This isn't to say that some moments won't be difficult or challenging. Being more aware of what's happening in the current moment frees up so much energy. Moment by moment you can find yourself with so much more to appreciate.

This week I caught myself veering away from what I thought I had learned. I was just out of practice is all. The wonderful thing about living in the moment is that you can take the moments back at any time.

Take a deep breath and there you are again...right here...right now...this beautiful, never will happen again

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  1. You're life is happening NOW ! That's the most important. Thanks for the reminder.


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