Friday, March 9, 2012


Years ago there was a simple expression that passed the lips of many a cool kid. So simple this expression that it consisted of only one word. What word you ask? Word. 

Word. Go ahead and say it out loud. Word. Now say it like you know you used to say it. Word. If so inclined you can even add the hand gesture and shoulder bow. Again...word. has 3 slang uses: 
  1. Well said
  2. Said in a agreement
  3. Can be used as a greeting, hey what's up
While word can be used to convey a positive confirmation of a statement the use of words have a profound power. A few words strung together can have a positive effect and they can also have a very negative effect. 

Years ago I started using affirmations as a way to clear the negative thoughts that were weighing me down. I just could not stop picking up others' words and putting them into my own voice. 

The use of affirmations had such an immediate and positive effect in my life. It was as if I was flushing my mind of bad and replacing it with the good. 

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers is an awesome book that explains the use of affirmations in great detail. She has a great list of affirmations to start out with that are a great foundation for getting back on your feet. 

Another useful tool to clear the clutter of negative words from your mind are the use of recorded affirmations or scripts. I found this particularly useful because I think I was unconsciously absorbing good stuff. 

In most of the recordings you are instructed to repeat the phrase which puts the positive words into your own voice. I admit that there were days that I would repeat the phrases while gritting my teeth and talking very snarky. "I love people." and "I can't wait to start my day!" 

There are lots of themes and topics out there for any struggle you might be facing. You may find many  at your local library, written and recorded. Many can be found online too. I encourage you to do this for yourself. It's a simple yet powerful thing that you can do to see profound results in your life. 

You deserve it. You're awesome and you're powerful beyond your current comprehension. Word. 

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