Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Power of Hope

Hope. Hope is a powerful thing.

According to Webster's:

  • to cherish a desire with anticipation
  • to desire with expectation of obtainment
  • to expect with confidence, trust

I love this quote by George Iles-"Hope is faith holding out it's hand in the dark."

Hope is what's left after discouragement has taken a toll on your soul. I think if hope had an enemy it would be discouragement. Feeling discouraged or beaten down can be a lonely place because it questions the reality of your belief. Discouragement is that "yeah, but" part of ourselves that takes a look at the cold hard facts of an issue. It's the part of ourselves that is the number cruncher, the odds maker.

Hope doesn't care about the odds though. Hope stands up and defies the numbers. In spite of everything that discouragement can throw down to present it's case it's still possible to have hope. Hope is like knowing that someone is in your corner. No matter what punches your opponent can throw you have hope waiting by the bench with a bucket.

Recently I was lucky enough to attend a seminar through the Sjogren's Syndrome Foundation. The Dallas area group's coordinator Cathy Ingels enlisted the comic genius of guest speaker Suzie Humphreys. 

Ms. Humphreys was great. She admitted having to Google Sjogren's to learn more about it before speaking but was quick to add that we're all facing something. Whether it's a chronic illness, changing work environment or just life. We all need a good laugh in the face of unfriendly odds.

She ended the session by asking if we had any questions. I was expecting a Q and A session mostly about her time here in Dallas as a local media celebrity. In talking with members she began to learn more about Sjogren's. She was so compassionate about learning more to understand it's challenges.

In true Suzie Humphreys spirit she fired us all up. "What you need is more funding! You need to get the word out! You need someone to stand up and fight with you!" She started a rally.

I have hope. Call me silly but I know if they can grow human ears in petri dishes they can find solutions to many illnesses.

What ever struggle lie in front of you I hope that you can stand up and with faith plunge forward.

"Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul- and sings the tunes without the words- and never stops at all." - Emily Dickinson



  1. Amy - this, as are all of your posts, thought-provoking and excellently written. Love it.

    So.....Pinky is very upset with me. Would you have a word with him? He read my post about the Liebster Blog awards, and he is extremely miffed that I did not include you in the recipient list.

    And.....he has a good point. I love your blog and your style of writing. But since I have had your link up in my sidebar for ages, I decided to include a few other blogs that I have not linked to previously.

    Which makes me IS paying Pinky's cell phone bill? And where does he keep it??

    I just wanted to contact you and let you know that your blog will always be on my Liebster list.


  2. Lulu has been trying to broker a trade of sorts. There are rumors that have made their way all the way down here.
    Apparently there have been St. Patty's Day items purchased. Something about a leprechaun hat, green dye (assuming that's for the Bearded Dog Pub tap) and a "Kiss Me I'm Irish" tee. Lulu misses munching on those bunny ears.
    Pinky has become quite the he-diva though. Geesh- the stuff that happens when you turn your back. (or crash!)

    I love each of your nominations for Liebster. Each has a different perspective and something new to think about. And...this way I get to still walk the red carpet without worrying about presenting or remembering a speech. (I get to fast forward to the Governor's Ball for cocktails!)

    Thank you so much for your kind, supportive words. Means so much because I admire your work so.


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