Friday, April 6, 2012

Graceful Clutter

I've been falling behind and I think I've figured out why. After a quick scan across my desk it's like looking at one of those shows where they ambush a person, "out" their cluttered working space and then reorganize everything.

Looking at my desk I can't help wonder what my OO (Overly Organized) friends would think if they stopped in. One friend even organizes professionally. She knows me too well to even attempt change.

Lets see...a quick scan from left to right reveals:

On the left side of my desk sits my cellphone. Just got through talking to my sis about how I MUST stop watching my niece (the preen-cess) via the webcam at school. It makes me gasp and she doesn't listen when I shout out "No!" (My sister told me that my niece tells the other kids to wave and smile at the camera..."Say hi to Ohn Mamie!") 

My camera sits with the cord still stuck in it. I planted green beans yesterday and downloaded the pictures for my niece to see. I also took a few shots of a craft project and video of the kitten "helping" me. 

Buttons. I have two buttons that have popped off of 2 coats. Both coats are red. I pointed out to my ex- marine husband how easy it will be to sew on 2 buttons with the same color thread. Sewing is something that they teach in the Marines you know. They do.

2 MP3 players. One has some recordings, meditations and music. I have an iPod which holds the other music hostage because I didn't buy them through iTunes. I could figure out a way to merge the 2 but not without frying my eyes out and draining myself of precious patience.

My earbuds are laying in a twisted mess. They have fallen victim to kitten teeth but still work. I love to plug in to my meditations. This helps me with pain relief more than I ever knew.

Oh, I have a stack of receipts from stores offering the chance at big bucks just for telling them how satisfied I am. I told myself that I would not clutter my desk or life up with these anymore. After not winning the big lotto last week the chance at winning money for giving my opinion seems fair again.

I have my brother's Mad Magazine figure. He inspires me, sort of. Sometimes he holds my Dad's old pen which makes me smile. Seeing both items together makes me happy because it reminds me that my Dad and Brother are together in Heaven.

Ooo...just found a cork from a bottle of Chateau Montelena Chardonnay. Hubby and I watched the movie Bottle Shock which is about a vineyard in California. It's a great movie and the wine is even better!

I have a Post It note with ideas for my fairy garden. Yes...if you build it, they will come. I already have a miniature bistro table for my garden fairy to have coffee with another fairy she'll invite over. I will suggest to my garden fairy how nice it will be to make the acquaintance of a housekeeping fairy. Hubby is building my fairy garden frame. Just realizing that I love Hubby very much. Not every man would spend time sewing buttons or building fairy gardens.

Finally I can't deny my stack of papers that sits on the corner of my desk. It's the stack of stuff that I'm afraid to sift through. Each piece of paper requires some level of concentration or use of eye muscles. I'm short on energy for both tasks so the pile sits. Each day I say to myself, "I'll tackle that when I feel better tomorrow."

I'm declaring it "Who Cares What My Desk Look Like" day. Lift your fists high in the air fellow clutter bugs! Embrace your Post It Notes and skillfully stacked papers! This is your space! This is your time!

Oh...gotta go. Just spotted a free Ben and Jerry's coupon under my laptop!

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