Monday, April 30, 2012

Ohn Mamie's Fairy Garden

My Dad's nickname for me was Tinkerbell so it comes as no big surprise that I'd have a fondness for fairies.

When my favorite garden shop North Haven Gardens started selling Fairy Garden furniture I fell in love. For Valentines Day I asked Hubby for some pieces. Diamonds might be forever but furniture that might entice a little fairy to hang out is priceless.

The plan is simple. Build a fairy garden and a garden fairy comes to hang out. The garden fairy then invites other fairies over for coffee, tea or glass of wine. The suggestion that she make the acquaintance of a cleaning fairy will be delivered cleverly.

So here is my fairy garden:

 The box frame is repurposed wood from my Mom and Dad's old porch bench. 
We salvaged some wood from Eisenburg's Skate Park where my stepson worked. 

Hubby added the base. 

Ohn Mamie's Fairy Garden 

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