Wednesday, May 9, 2012

You Have Permission

I'm writing today from my patio as it's an unusually mild spring day here in Dallas. I'm taking a break from everything hectic and declaring time to myself just to breathe.

I have yet to figure out who conspires to make things as crazy as they are this time of year. So much gets crammed into a few weeks. So much is due, time seems at a negative balance and life just seems to run us all over. 

Not today. I'm giving you permission to take time to breath. OK, perhaps one more sip of coffee but THEN breathe. 

Are you finding it hard to catch your breath? It's sometimes difficult, I know. I'm not sure if you even think about it unless yours is labored due to illness. 

Breath is the root to meditation and yoga. Here is the cool thing though-you don't need a yoga mat or soothing music to find your breath. It's amazing how our body responds to some quick, deep breaths. I'm not sure of a quicker, cheaper way to aid our body than to take some deep breaths. 

Try it. Go ahead. If you're reading this on your smart phone, tablet or computer just take in a big deep breath. Hold it...hold exhale slowly. Now again only this time feel how the air sort of cools your nose as the air passes through. Breathe in............hold it...hold let the air pass through your lips. As your lips tickle from the warm breath can you feel your lungs empty? 

If you're still having a hard time noticing the effect of your breath imagine that you're blowing into a pinwheel. This is a great tool that you can pick up at the dollar store even. (or swipe from the Geico pig) 

If you're pressed for time I bet that you can spot a dandelion outside. Pluck one out of the grass (don't forget to make a wish) and send those little seeds flying along with your troubles, aches and worries. 

For more on benefits of breathing exercises check out: 


  1. I been searching for sjogrens patients like me and found your blog. Im 28 years old, Im an elementary teacher and live in Dallas, Texas. I was diagnosed at the beginning of the year.

  2. I'm sorry that you have Sjogrens but am very glad that you were diagnosed early to begin treatment. You are probably in the beginnings of treatments. I hope that you are finding some relief at least in the early stages.


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