Saturday, September 29, 2012

Loving Kindness Through the Mail

My mother recently came across some letters that had been sent to my Grandmother. Grannie  treasured the letters that were sent to her, even if it was a quick note on a card. She would re-read each letter and instantly recreate the same joy as if it was just received that day. She enjoyed phone calls and visits but she really cherished those letters. Postal love a friend calls it.

In an age where everything is digital and on a screen of some sort it really is a special thing to receive a hand written note via old fashioned postal mail.

A few years back a friend of mine mailed me a beautiful message written on a beautiful stationary note card. It was just a quick "I'm thinking of you" kind of a note but it came at the most perfect time. Things were utter chaos in my life back then and that note was something simple that I could hold in my hand. I carried it around in my purse for weeks and I received the same long lasting joy that my Grandmother experienced as I would open it again.

A few years ago Hannah Brencher started a random act of kindness movement that would not only change her own life but countless others. Recognizing her own need for "postal love" she began leaving loving notes of encouragement around her.

"Moving to New York unraveled me and I needed a way to cope and step outside of my own loneliness", she wrote.

She began blogging about the letter writing and started a beautiful act of kindness movement. Her idea seems so simple. The world doesn't need another website, it needs more love letters. Her site The World Needs More Love Letters  is a brilliant display of how one person can create loving grace.

Be inspired by listening to her tell her story:

I'm in. I'm all in. I believe in the power of little acts of kindness. What might seem random isn't really all the random at all. I'm certain of the power of human kindness and how that loving energy weaves itself around the universe. God's network is greater than we can ever comprehend. If we send a good vibe out there, God will make it connect in his majestic way. 

I just want to add something cool to the whole "God's got a hand in this" message I'm trying to convey. I ran into the office supply store to pick up some needed supplies. As I walked up I was thinking that I wished there were some inexpensive cards or stationary for my own addition to Hannah's movement. I found sets of note cards and stationary marked down to 25 cents! That's a quarter of a dollar people! How cool is that?

Grab your favorite pen. Pull out that stationary you've always wanted to use. Need some encouraging words today? Try jotting what you would love to hear yourself on a note and send it out to lift another's spirit. 

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