Saturday, October 6, 2012

Do Good When You Feel Good

It feels good to do good when you feel good. - Amy Junod

Brilliant quote. As redundant as it might seem when reading that line it really is a good feeling when you find yourself feeling well after being down for so long.

My son and I launched our first Love Letter the other night inspired by The World Needs More Love Letters.

We bought the brightest color balloon that Party City had and tied our note to the end of the dangly string.

It was a beautiful night for balloon launching. The sun was setting and it was breezy. We set our intentions that our little note get lofted into the autumn air and fall ever so gracefully into the path of someone needing a boost.  

First, I have to tell you how fun it is to let a balloon free. Balloons are like magic spheres of fun. Serious fun. 

Releasing the balloon I felt a surge of warm, uplifting energy. So many happy thoughts ran through my head. My son and I pondered about how far it might be carried. Would a person notice the bright yellow balloon first or the bright green note? 

We may never know the journey that our little love noted balloon has taken. It just feels good to have taken a little time while I felt good to do something really good for someone...good. 

See the tiny yellow dot?

Try it. Try it please. Nothing will uplift your spirit and get you back up on your feet like a powerful intention to help another. What a fun way to extend your hand out and lift someone up after a tough fall. 

I think I'm getting the hang of this falling with grace thing. 

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  1. 15 years ago my then two year old son spent a week in hospital after a serious asthma attack.A common gift from visitors were helium filled balloons. after his release we decided to attach notes to each telling about his hospital stay and listed our phone number and address prior to symbolically setting them free. Three weeks went by and one evening a lovely farmer from 1200 miles south west of us phoned to say he had found our balloon and note n his hedgerow whilst plowing. It was a lovely surprise.I often think of doing it again( without the prior hospital admission!)


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