Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fallin' Crazy in Love

Years ago I told David that all I wanted for Valentine's Day was the pair of Kiss Kiss bears that Hallmark was selling. Remember them? If you held their little snouts together they would "kiss" each other.

Valentine's Day came and these are the Kiss Kiss bears I received: 

To be funny David had Sharpie'd designs around their eyes to look like the rock band Kiss. Their little mouths were stitched together with a needle and thread in a forever kiss. Needle and thread skills courtesy of the Marine Corps. 

The next year's Valentine's Day he could be found in a Starbuck's gutting a stuffed animal, much to the horror of the woman at the next table.

When I was presented a little stuffed dog at the dinner table that night the stuffed dog started to play the theme song to my favorite soap opera One Life to Live

I said, "How cool! An animal that plays the theme song!" 

The song played again and again. I said I really wished I knew how to turn it off. He ripped into the freshly stitched sutures making me shriek. He then revealed a cell phone hidden inside the dog's belly  that was programmed with One Life to Live's theme as the ring tone. 

I love this man dearly and it's not just for his stitchery skills. He's kind and funny. He's thoughtful and caring. 

When I carry on long text conversations with my sister's dog Zoe, he gets it. He can't always understand what she writes because she writes with a speech impediment...but he gets it. To him there are all kinds of crazy out there and mine seems to suit him just fine. 

Sometimes people think that there is some big method to crazy love. There's not really. It's just love. 

Love ewe David! 


  1. Nice Amy!! Happy belated Valentine's Day!!

  2. Amy, this post is just delightful! How fun!! I used to watch "One Life to Live," too. About 20 years ago, I decided to cut my soap opera time back, so I chose just one to watch. Now it's off the air. :-( (All My Children)

  3. One Life to Live and All My Children are starting production again to be viewed online. Prospect Park is producing through The Online Network. EEEE! Lots of our old characters will be back.
    Time to find that old ringtone! (My ringtone now is Soft Kitty from Big Bang Theory)


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