Monday, February 25, 2013

Jennifer Lawrence's Graceful Fall

Last night David and I attended USA Film Festival's Oscar Night Experience. It's a fun night of glitz, glam and celebration of all things Oscar.

Each year the event is held at a local theater. In partnership with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the Oscars are streamed live into the theater. We had awesome seats this year, down front and center. It was just like being there.

I love the Oscars. As written in my post Oscar Night, I have long dreamed of snagging one of those lovely golden statues. I don't ask how, I just know that I want one. And not one bought off of eBay either. I want to accept one of my own.

The long walk that a lucky recipient must take down the isle and then up those stairs must be like a floating dream.

This year when Jennifer Lawrence fell as she took to the steps everyone in the theater gasped. What a graceful fall.

The word grace itself is rooted from the Latin word gratia, grateful. One look at this stunning photo taken by Kevin Winter and you can't help but hear Jennifer's whisper of thanks.

Her dress draped gorgeously over the steps and lit from beneath you would swear she may be genuflecting. 

Just stunningly graceful. No acceptance speech necessary.

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