Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Falling For Fun

I have to admit...I love to watch my niece at her preschool. They have one of those camera feeds and I keep tabs on her while her Mom is at work. The picture refreshes every 20 seconds and WOW...the stuff that can happen in 20 seconds. 

I was just taking a break from my morning to check in on her. The kiddos are waiting for lunch. My niece's long time BFF is a character. The kids were all sitting in their chairs waiting for "Lunch Lady"  to bring the lunch trays down the hall. Niece's BFF was "falling" out of her chair. Not just the ol' "whoopsie, I fell out of my chair" fall...a very big "Whoa...I'm falllliiiiinnnng" kind of fall. This was making the whole class laugh, put their hands over their mouths in comical shock and making others uncomfortable. (No doubt a "whale" will be lost on the Good Behavior Chart)

This went on for a bit. I was actually relieved that my niece didn't join in the fun. She's a follower. 

This was so much fun and I thought it was a good subject for the Blog. "Whoa, heh heh heh" is one of my niece's favorite phrases. This is chanted while doing "flee-ups" off of the couch, playing "horsie" on Momma, while "Swiffering" the floor and just about anything that can make "Ohn Mamie" shriek with fear. 

Falling is fun for these kids. Not only that but they've learned to do it well too. I say that with just a tinge of jealousy? (I so wish I had a centered balance to my body and just a fraction of their energy) 

After a visit with my sister's family I've found that the whole family will do my niece's favorite chant..."Whoa, heh heh heh" is said for mishaps, loss of balance and dropping things. We can't help ourselves...it's so contagious. 

Try to find your "Whoa, heh heh heh" moments in your day. It's really just a moment and it'll pass so quickly. Don't be afraid of who has seen you...forget about how big a bruise you'll have tomorrow. Just "Whoa" it away and laugh. It's ok and it's fun. 

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