Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day Part IV is the 4th day in a row that the kids have been out of school here in Dallas. The first few "Snow Days" were for ice really. Then last night the prediction was for a "light dusting" of snow. Schools in the area closed for another day. We woke up this morning with 6 inches of snow. 

It was a beautiful sight though. For people who had to drive in it...not so much. The problem with the snow is that it disguised the 2 inches of ice underneath. So many people HAD to make it in to the office today and it was probably the worst of all 4 days. 

All week long there were news pieces of people making their way through the treacherous ice. For days I've thought of my blog because some made slipping on ice look so graceful. Some women in heals even! Her slip wasn't a "herky jerky" kind of slip but a "swishful" type of slip. Nice. I've never had a graceful swagger on dry land to there's an admiration for people who can make it look cool.  

Then there were videos of people lending a hand. Poor guys just lending a hand...a car the car a shove and then WHAM! The guy falls flat on the ice. That's just mean Karma. 
There was a news crew shooting video of a trooper pushing a car. Not only did the officer fall but the camera man fell too. I'm not sure if it was giggling I heard in the background or whimpering from having to shoot in 6 degree weather for days. 

Now there are now stories about ice slipping off of the roof of Cowboy Stadium and seriously injuring people below. The poor person was interviewed and still doesn't know what hit him. Can you imagine being smacked from above like that? He was probably concentrating on NOT SLIPPING when the heavens clobbered him from above. 

We are not equipped for weather like this in Dallas. They can make fun of us in Sports Illustrated all they want. This weather is not normal, in fact most other years my tulips would  have sprung out of the ground by now. 

I'm glad I've stayed put. While I've had some bouts of cabin fever I do not wish to fall on my butt. If it can be avoided, I avoid. 

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