Sunday, February 6, 2011

One Will Win

You's Super Bowl Day. It's been super big news here in Dallas for a year now. With the game just a couple of hours away, no doubt both teams are feeling that pressure to WIN. I just imagine the pressure cooker type of anxiety the players and staff must be feeling. SO many people watching...statisticians watching every move...plays will be made by inches, stretches and just sheer luck. 

If you fall at the Super Bowl- the whole world watches. Miss a play and it's replayed over and over. On the other hand there are those moments that will be awe inspiring. 

I hope it's a good game. Both teams have worked hard to be here. I wish that we could've given the teams and the fans one of our beautiful warm days. I suppose it's not football weather for a Packers of Steelers fans unless they can see their breath from the cold.  

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