Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oscar Night!

I do love Oscar Night. Yes, I am a card carrying Thespian (obtained in 198... eh... never mind). It is fully understood in our household that there will be no shuttle service, fancy meals, cleaning of cat puke or other "Mom" duties. I am off the clock!

For Valentine's Day one year my husband bought us tickets to Oscar Night America. It's an organized event that takes place in over 50 cities nationwide. The proceeds benefit local charities. Ours in Dallas benefited The USA Film Festival. It was a very chic and fun event. They telecasted the broadcast to a local dinner theater. We were given programs and posters from the real event in LA. That year's poster is my favorite because it highlights notable lines from Oscar winning movies. (While not a card carrying member of the Writer's Guild I do love a well worded script)

We had a great time that night but I do like viewing from the comfort in my home...on the couch...with perhaps a small tub of Cherries Garcia close by. Jammies are optional when you watch from home. 

I've always had this dream of winning an Oscar. I'm not sure why because I rather like the Emmy statues better. To win an Academy Award -- how awesome. You know you've pictured it yourself, admit it. How many of you have even pictured the speech and even taken it as far as the after effects. In your dreams you attend all of the parties and give interview after interview. If you're really into the dream thing you take it even further. You picture yourself on Inside the Actor's Studio. Sigh. 

In my little dream cloud there usually is a clap of thunder as there is always that Self Doubt lurking somewhere. The dream is so big that my mind actually allows me to envision being there at the ceremony. Self Doubt is crafty though. It lets me wander around my dream in my flowing pretty dress, enjoying the admiration of a nominee and even lets me win. 

What Self Doubt has not mentioned is that I didn't scuff my fancy shoes like Mom always suggested. With scuffed bottom shoes you're less likely to fall. In the chaos that is dressing for the Oscars I will have forgotten. Cue Amy crossing the well shined stage and....whoosh she goes!

If you believe in The Secret theory, what a mistake of a message I just sent out to the universe. There is always time to plan for the future and fix it. Note to future self, hire someone who'll remember shoe scuffing. 

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