Friday, March 18, 2011

I Just Might Have To Say Damn It

How many as parents have let a few swear words slip out here and there? It's always the at the worst possible time that the kiddos shout out a newly picked up swear word. Believe it or not, my son spat out a "damn it" in a Christian book store. I kid you not. I was mortified. 

The latest topic of conversation at my sister's dinner table lately is "not saying damn it". My 3 year old niece is oh so clever. The conversation goes something like this:

"Bobby was in time out today for saying damn it. Damn isn't a good word to say so the teacher put him in time out. Then Sarah said damn it and Ms. Clara put her in time out because you're not supposed to say damn it, because damn it isn't a good word to say. Only big people say damn it and even then it's not good to say damn it. Even though you might be mad, you're still not supposed to say damn it. Cuz damn it's not a nice thing to say...damn it isn't." 

One evening this week my niece was in trouble and she bellowed, "I'm so angry that I want to say damn it but I can't!"

My sister has a new plan for getting rid of the word. Princesses don't say damn it. (pronounced preen-cess)
At least one little preen-cess doesn't. (when she grows up she's gonna be a preen-cess and be reech)

I've had a couple of bad days and I've said more than my share of off colored words. "My Lord" seems to be one that I'll start out with. I'm quick to share with anyone listening that he's their Lord too,  not exclusively just mine. No one really pays that much attention to me when I pass that on. I think if Jesus was listening he'd understand. I think he's rather cool that way. 

Sometimes isn't it better just to let the tantrum rip? I do know that I bottle things up inside until I blow. My patience runs dry and I spew like one of those summer sprinkler toys. No amount of meditation or yoga is gonna get rid of that pent up frustration. THERE SHE BLOWS! 

I can imagine how frustrating things must be when you're 3 too. Maybe you wanted gumbo instead of fish sticks...Billy got the box of Mr. Potato Heads before can't do "flee-ups" off the couch. Some days are just enough to make you want to say damn it. 


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