Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's Not Always In A Name

I've written before about getting this gene or that gene from either my Dad's side of the family or my Mom's. It's always easier to blame the "gene" for some stupid biological metamorphical atrocity. (stupid jawline hair, big feet, carb cravings) I rather like the green eyes and brown hair though.

My Aunt has done intensive research on my Mom's side of the family and I've loved the historical facts that she's turned up. Even cooler is that my 96 year old Grandmother's confirmed much of what she's found. The pictures and documents are fascinating to me. My Aunt Janet has the kind of mind that can twist and turn without cramping like mine does. So when she digs in she usually enjoys the puzzle of it all. 

She has recently started working on my Dad's side of the family...and has turned up some crazy factoids. My Dad's Father's side was even harder to track back because the spelling of the last name changed not once, twice but three times (and from the French spelling to the English).

It's always a crazy thing to go diggin' in the past. Everyone wishes that they will turn up some majestic ancestry line but for the most part find hard working folk. (Not that the Royals don't have a tough job) I liken this to watching Antiques Roadshow. I just love that show! I love when people bring in items that they think are worth millions only to find out the item's a fake.(Doh!) It's even more fun to see someone bring in a family heirloom just to learn more about it's history. Those are the ones that usually turn out the most valuable (and would never be sold anyway!).

I guess the point I'm trying to make is that we each have a story beyond what's in the here and now. We're like living time capsules that have yet to be discovered. Who knows where that ear for music came from or the size of said ear. However we got here, here we are. I think it's beyond our current comprehension how very connected we all are. How many times have we seen each other down that family line? Did my family's ancestors bump into yours? How cool a thought is that? 

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