Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rebuilding From Tragedy

I noticed the other day that I have a reader in Japan. This was the day that I posted my "Damn It' entry. I stopped for a moment and wondered how someone from a country dealing with such unimaginable destruction would perceive the post.

With each story that comes out of Japan I am in awe of their strength in facing such devastation. I marvel at how quickly they have moved into action. I've heard a great deal about how very well prepared they are as a country but who could have planned for an event of this scope?

The Japanese people show the true core of human kind. When faced with what seems to be an impossible disaster to evaluate and recover from- they've already begun. They immediately forged forward with such courage and strength. From every edge of the globe there are people mobilizing relief efforts.

My prayers and thoughts go out to everyone effected by the Earthquake and Tsunami. My heart goes out to those who still wait for news from loved ones and for those who have received news.

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